Friday, October 09, 2015

Tell me if this idea for screenplay is racism.

So there's a country that's usually run by white guys with particular (arbitrary) qualifications.  However other than the current ruler there are no white candidates that qualifies, so 2 black children are the heir appearants.  One of these children is magical.  Ok, yes, I know that makes her a magic negro but it's justified, I swear.  They are playing but one of them fails to listen to the other and is therefore critically hurt by him.  The ruler and his wife rush them both to a medical specialist who saves the injured one, let's call him Banna.  The medical specialist then removes all memories of magic from her and replaces them with other memories that are just as fun, but deeply misleading.    tell her she has to learn to control her power and that "fear will be her enemy".  Instead of taking this advice, the character, we'll call him Alsa shuts himself up in his room and does absolutely nothing to learn to control his power, other than try to suppress his emotions in the most neurotic war possible.

Neither brother attempts to learn about their potential role as future leaders.   They are not shown reading a single book.  They don't even talk to each other because Alsa is afraid he'll lose control of his powers and hurt him again.  The current ruler and his wife die, but the brothers are too young to take control so a substitute government (which is not shown and which we are told nothing about) is temporarily put in.

Eventually the older brother Alsa is made ruler when he turns 18 (or 21, probably 18).  He barely gets through the ceremony without his magical power going haywire.  When his brother announces that he wants to marry a woman hes just met, Alsa loses control of his power, and endangers people nearby.  He flees in terror, abandoning his responsibility, then sings about how happy he is to abandon his responsibilities.  Meanwhile his powers are altering the climate of his entire country in a way that would doom many of it's citizens.  So the country has a black ruler for less than 24 hours before going to hell.

Banna tries to fix this by running after Alsa with no plan other than talking to him, which is exactly what caused the problem to begin with. He almost dies because he has no experience in the new climate, which is worse in the areas Alsa headed into.  He has no plan for finding his brother, took no preparations, and left his fiance in charge, despite knowing her for less than 16 hours.  He gets help from a white woman who actually knows how to manage in this environment.  Her expertise and bravery are the only thing that keeps him alive because as pointed out before, he knows nothing about surviving in the environment he headed into.

When Banna gets to Alsa's new magically-created house he asks him to fix the climate problem.  Banna was unaware of it and in fact hoped to avoid having his power hurt people by running away from the capital.   However when he learns that his power is hurting people he simply decides to continue to mope.  He tells his brother to go, and lashes out at him, unconsciously hurting him with his power.

So have you got it yet?  Yes this is all Frozen, just gender/race flipped.  Notice how badly sickeningly racist it would be if it were about blacks not women.

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