Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On sympathy for the bombing victims.

My sympathy for the Londoners in the wake of the bombings was deep, it was heartfelt, it was genuine and it was sorrowful. It was that, but now it's over. It's gone, never to arise again. Why am I no longer mourning for their pain? Because you can't mourn for your own bombing dead one week and celebrate somebody else's the next and that's exactly what London did. Four days after their own were viciously and immorally attacked they commemerated their victory in WWII. Nothing wrong with that I'm glad they won too. But one of the planes flying over the crowd and dropping poppy's (given the current Bush/Blair attitude to Afghan druglords it's appropriate that RAF planes deliver such flowers) was a Lancaster. The plane that did most of the genocidal bombing of German cities that killed over 600,000 people overwhelmingly civilians. So London if you want my tears now or the next time Osama or the IRA use fertliser for non-agricultural purposes, stop glorifying your own terror campaigns.