Sunday, April 19, 2015


"Nerds, geeks, and gamers can roam free… unless you’re a woman with an opinion, differing experiences and interests, or different viewpoint from the Badgers. Pot meet kettle."
When exactly have the Badgers stopped anyone from roaming freely?  When have they stoppped anyone from saying the shit they say?  You really don't care whether you anything you say is even remotely related to the truth do you?
"The Honey Badger Brigade booth ... is attending panels that feature feminists and women just to disrupt them."
Where is the evidence of that?  If there are panels featuring feminists the of course people who dispute the feminist orthodoxy are going to attend them and attempt to challenge that orthodoxy.  That's not disruption, that's debate.  

"The “hate group” has spurred an outcry from attendees and others towards the Calgary Expo team "
What evidence do you have that the "Honey Badgers" are a hate group or that "A Voice for Men" is a hate group?  Oh that's right nothing.   There is no evidence in your post, and the evidence that you give in a later comment is that they were listed as one- by the _Southern Poverty Law Center_, the least credible source on the entire planet outside of North Korea. There is literally not one scrap of evidence you even MIGHT be telling the truth.

"Panelist Brittney Le Blanc recounting what happened:
We were about fifteen minutes into the panel when a woman in the second row stood up and identified herself as a Men’s Rights Activist. "

And why did she do that?  Because someone asked a question about what MRAs think and why they think it.  One of the Honey Badgers then offered to address that question and that offer was was accepted.  They did not derail anything.  A question was asked and they answered it, that's the opposite of derailing.

"I truly believe in freedom of speech, but coming to a panel with the entire purpose of derailing it and shooting down the voices on the panel isn’t constructive."
It is if the panel is espousing bullshit.  If someone is saying things that aren't true or that aren't supported by the evidence then yes it's amazingly constructive to shoot down their views.  If the panel isn't talking bullshit then having their views challenged allows them to be shown to be true.  

"It appears that was their plan for the expo, to come and to loudly take over the spaces of other people –"
Then where were they loud?  When did they take over anything?  You don't even say that the panelists were yelled over, so you're not even claiming this HAPPENED but you're saying was their plan?

" it’s disrespectful, disappointing and offers a prime example of why these panels need to exist in the first place."
You don't deserve respect just because you're on a panel, and if think you do then that offers a prime example of why these panels need to be stopped in the first place.

"It’s disappointing that they weren’t there to have a conversation or to listen to what we, and members of the audience, were saying. They wanted to stand up and have their say, but not to listen or try to understand the points of view other people in the room had."
Where is the evidence of this?  They didn't shout over people, they didn't take more time than they were entitled to and if the panel didn't want to talk about these issues (that a panelist brought up) they could have simply talked about something else.

Note that you don't even try to find a single example of them violating Calgary's policies.  And you're scum for allowing the implication that there was a safety concern to stand.

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