Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anonymous247n tried to give me shit again.

So that little coward tried to accuse ME of running away, despite me putting up a complete refutation of his bullshit.

Here's what he said:
"I commented on your site, in the discussions section. So it's public. Now i've explained what i could, if you're just going to continue with your strawmen i won't bother with you anymore... but it will be you who retreated from this, you who would choose ignorance. You bothered with namecalling, why not bother asking questions normally? What are you so angry about anyway, have i been rude with you like that?

I'm giving you another chance. Ask your question about TVP, i'll explain. Here, in private messages, or on your page under discussions, where it's public. Your choice, talk to me or retreat."

And here's what I said in reply:
"I don't consider the comments section on a channel with NO original videos to be all that public. 

You've explained what? That someone will collect data and smart people will use it decide what to do. You haven't told me how TVP determines values. You can't determine the value of something from someone requesting it, only that the value is greater than zero. 

What strawmen did I use? There is NOTHING, NOTHING I said about TVP that isn't true. I gave you a chance to explain and you gave the standard TVP shit that tells me nothing. 

I'll give you a chance, fuckwit, either post a comment on my blog, credible.blogspot.com.au (where I will be posting this exchange) or on your own PUBLIC blog. I didn't retreat from anything you posted the same useless shit and I completely destroyed it. That's why you haven't actually looked at my post."

So it's up to him.  Actually man up or run away like the dog he is.

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