Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul is a conspiracy theorist, are you?

There is a popular saying that if there are two explanations for an event, conspiracy and incompetence, go for the incompetence explanation every time. The problem with this idea is that it's obviously untrue. If a candidate you dislike had recieved political donations from a neo-nazi and failed to report them in accordance with the law, which explaination would you go for? I thought so. Welcome to the "conspiracy theorists" club then, meetings are rarely held and only attended by police spies.

Yet membership in this club is somehow looked down apon as unhealthy, even insane. It's as though no sane person would say that conspiracies happen, and yet every day we see people behaving as though they did. Do act as though everything your government says to be true or do you assume that some of it is lies and distortion? Of course you act as though they lie, which is why you like investigative reporting? How about other governments? Do you get your news about countries from their governments press office or do you prefer that someone digs deeper? Do you think that political parties are engaged in a quest to show you the truth or to spin it? Of course in all cases you answered "cynically" to all these questions. Your beliefs and behaviour were in all cases that of a "conspiracy theorist", yet you are ashamed of it! If asked you'll deny it why?

Well isn't the answer obvious? People have acted in concert to make you feel that way. And have the done so openly or claimed to be merely expressing "common sense"? Yep that's right, it's a
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