Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If voters have to be registered, does that mean they're lethal weapons.

So anyway I sucumbed to my basest instincts last Saturday and voted. Yeah I know, STR-readers, I'm scum. You'll be happy to know my depraved attempt to force others to live by my choices failed. Although given the choices they chose to live by that's no good thing. In the word's of the Sydney Morning Herald "the worst government in Australia just got reelected". Well arguably sending us to war on a lie makes the Feds worse but in terms of sheer incompetence the NSW government unquestionably takes the cake. They then sell the cake to a politically connected private firm and agree to close lines at other bakeries so you have to buy the cake from said private firm or starve half to death waiting for lunch. Then the former premier gets a $400,000 a year job advising on cake marketing.

There will perhaps be vicious rumours that I voted for Peter Debnam, the least competent opposition leader in NSW history. This is a lie. I voted against Iemma, see the difference? Ok, you got me there is none in effect. The choice was between a party that had failed in every major area I could think of. Roads, hospitals, police, urban planning, civil order, everything. With the singular exception of reducing the state debt (which will of course increase again when they spend money to fix the problems after the election) they have done nothing any sane person would vote for.

And the mistakes weren't understandable, average mistakes they were whoppers. I mean what sort of idiot has a roads policy that deliberately increases congesting on public roads to increase the revenue of a private road proprietor? Did they really think that wouldn't leak? And then they tried to get the private road operator to simply waive those clauses of the contract, a contract they had paid the State government about a hundred million to get. Even assuming the directors were incredibly generous (with other people's money) how in the hell did they figure the shareholders would let them? Go back to law school guys, it's called fiduciary responsbility to the owners. The directors are smart enough to know that, after all they were smart enough to hire guy who was premier at the time the deal was signed. I wish I could get a job at several times the average wage after doing my job as badly as he did his.

Then there's the planning power fiasco. Basically nobody owns any land really in the land of the long weekend we just own the right to have our development applications rejected. However at least they're rejected by a semi-accountable, semi-transparent council that has to obey certain rules and that we can take to court. That's not good enough for our lords and masters who wish to be able to inflict any abomination on our communities while retaining the power to forbid anything more offensive than a new veranda light. So Frank Sartor, minister for planning is given the power to override all development laws, including enviromental laws, regulations to do with traffic congestion, native title, the whole bit, to approve anything he thinks is important. Naturally whether or not the project is backed by a rich property developer with bags of cash to donate to NSW Labor has nothing to do with it. That's the sort of rubbish I expect from leftists like and their ilk. Mr. Sartor's new powers have been described as "modest", by Mr. Sartor. Mr. Sartor is very rarely so described.

The trains are a shambles due to persistent mismanagement for over a decade. The only way they could stop "on time" records being abysmal was to change the timetable so they say the trains will be later. Hence there are less trains and overcrowding is overwhelming. Freight management's no better with ships waiting for days because the investment hasn't been made in infrastructure.

We're in a drought by the way so naturally the government is trying to tell us what to do with our water. This from the guys who wasted more water than anyone else in Sydney due to poor maintaince of the pipes. So the question arises, should we go for the massively expensive, enviromentally destructive, desalination plant that residents already hate before a sod of earth is turned or the clean, cheap, energy efficent recycling. Iemma claimed that Sydney-siders wouldn't drink recycled sewerage, despite the fact that such is completely safe and already flows into our drinking water from Blue Mountains communities. Of course now the people changed their minds after watching "a current affair" or something but not our Morris. No he's wedded to the idea like Britney Spears after a bender in Vegas. Well actually the commitments lasted longer than that, indicating that Britney has smarter advisers.

But none of this is important. No, what's important is that the voters of NSW will vote against people who didn't bring in "Work Choices" but stands in front of the same banner as the guy who did. So policies are no longer important, it's sheer guilt by association now. The morons that gave Iemma a second chance to "get back to work" (given the job he did this is no promise it's a threat) bought the argument that Debnam was too inexperienced to run NSW. How much experience do you need to know that concentrating all power in Frank Sartor's hands is a stupid idea? How much experience do you need to know that ignoring infrastructure to make your financials look good is bad in the long run? Or that corrupt Private-Public Partnerships that include guarantees that the Private guys won't lose money mean that the Public guys will? I mean think about it, why would a private firm insist on guarantees that an enterprise wouldn't lose money if it was a good idea? If they thought it was a winner they'd be falling over themselves to sign on with no guarantees they wouldn't lose their shirt. They'd concentrate on getting better conditions or prices rather than the right to loot the treasury if it all went pear-shaped. Tell you what voters of New South Wales, elect me. I have experience blaming others for my mistakes, spending money I don't have for lacklustre results, pretending things are going fine and promising I'll change in the future, just like Iemma does. The difference is I'll work for much less than Iemma. Michael Price The Premier You Deserve! And not in a good way.

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