Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A threat to our most sacred freedoms!

Stop reading about the trivial threat "control orders" have to our liberty, forget about the fact that the US can lock up anyone it wants, whereever they find them, for as long as they want without trial. No the real threat to our sacred freedoms has been revealed, THE RIGHT TO FREE SPORT IS UNDER THREAT! That's right soon if you want to view something on TV like the rugby league final, the olympics, events requiring the intense effort of many talented and dedicated people, the organisational skills of others and the capital of still others to transmit you may actually have to PAY said people. The NERVE! Imagine asking people to pay for something just because it cost effort and capital to produce and people want it. Next they'll be asking us to pay for our food, electricity and transport. I mean don't they realise that we're "we the people" and can demand anything we want from anybody for whatever price (including nothing) we want? Don't they realise that there are no possesions that aren't ours if we want them. Don't they realise that the rights of producers as far as we're concerned are just the same as the rights of medieval serfs with regard to their masters? Why are they not bowing before us and making appologies for even suggesting that payment might be required? Let our servants in Canberra go forth and beat them about the head with the speakers make.

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