Saturday, January 20, 2024

Response to uglysuprith

“I think you're an AnCap.” 


 “Capitalism is definitely better than feudalism, for sure, it gives more freedom than feudal States. But the control over masses just shifted to financial form in capitalism, from military control in feudalism,. It's just a better & indirect form of control.”

But it isn't control. All they can do is not offer you resources, and the cure for that is literally anyone who thinks your labor/product is worth something. This isn't just a different type of control, it's not control at all.

 “ "As usual the less capitalist a system is the worse it is.", For that it depends on the stage of capitalism.”

No, whatever stage of capitalism you're in (and I don't agree with Marxist ideas on “stages of capitalism because Marx was usually wrong), the worst elements are the furthest from capitalism. The banking system is terrible, and the most regulated industry (except perhaps health, which is it's own nightmare), property speculation is entirely the result of the government's interference in the money supply. But the worst is the industry that runs on “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”. I speak of course of the police. Yes that's how the run, taxes are taken roughly according to ability to pay, and the police do things when you need them to. That's how it's run. Now you can say they actually don't treat everyone the same, that they aren't efficient, that they're more interested in maintaining the status quo than doing their jobs, but that's all Marxist systems. If the cops were run on a capitalist basis would there still be firms that shot Black people so often? Or beat people up for owning a plant? Or enforced a thousand stupid laws that are not designed for the public benefit but as a sop to the corrupt? Or would firms that tried to do that find they had no customers? 

The worst things about a partially capitalist system is the least capitalist parts. And the least capialist countries are the worst too. Look up the Index of Economic Freedom and compare it to corruption, bad water, low income, anything. 

 “Early stage capitalism is almost a utopia & late stage capitalism is surely a distopia, with almost everything owned by single or very few people,” 

Except that it hasn't been shown that the result of capitalism, rather than political control of the economy. “who (financially) rule over the majority, distorting the supply and demand, thereby controlling markets & the system..” 

But the current elite don't financially rule over the majority, they ACTUALLY rule over the majority. They control the political system, which is specifically not trade of value for value, i.e. not capitalist.

“Capital is power, & when we work to make our boss more money than he pays us, we are effectively increasing his power over us.” 
No, you're increasing his power to acquire goods and services. You could well be accumulating capital at a faster percentage rate than him. 

 “More money that he pays us” isn't a relevant measure. Shaquille O'Neal made his boss more money than he was paid. Does he seem powerless to you? Only way for equilibrium is by some businesses going bust or not making any profit accumulation. Or else we'll end up in monopoly land..” 

The free market has never led to monopoly. It just doesn't happen. 

 “When anyways Not making profits, why not just switch to true socialism, working for people, not profit..” 

Because no making profits reduces the total capital in society which reduces total benefit to society. Socialism has done nothing good for over 100 years, why hold out hope?